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Aggregate Industry

Dating back to 1970, our experience began in the gravel mining industry, when family owned, L&S Construction purchased its first gravel pit. We noticed a need for equipment that could withstand the environment of aggregate extraction, but at an affordable price. In the year 2000, we decided to build on those needs and opened Straight Line of Sanborn.


Agricultural Industry

Growing up in rural, southwest Minnesota, we have been heavily involved with the agricultural industry our entire lives. With mainly corn and bean fields around us, grain co-ops and individual farmers noticed a need for transporting and stockpiling grain more efficiently.

Today, we have incorporated a large line of various grain pilers, transfers, and feeders to tend to the agricultural market.


Mining Industry

While the greater part of our aggregate line is built for "mine duty" applications, we realize the day to day brutality that mining can have on equipment. We offer heavy duty equipment and lining options to withstand even the harshest environments that the mining industry has to offer.


Frac Sand Industry

Being located in Minnesota, we are only a few hours away from the frac sand "hot zones." Being so close, we have designed and manufactured various frac sand product lines. With oil and gas being such a necessity in today's world, we see the need to produce equipment that allows our customers to extract the sand efficiently.

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