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36 x 125 PRSC-2.jpg

Portable Radial Stacker

Built to last - we didn't cut any corners on our portable radial stacker and you will be able to confirm it.​

  • Hydraulic Fold Down Radial Axle

  • Hydraulic Fold

  • Hydraulic Raise Undercarriage

Lengths up to 125'

Belt Widths up to 60"

*All folds have manual option.


Fixed Radial Stacker

A stockpiling beast, our fixed radial stacker is ready to handle even the largest stockpile needs.

  • Various Axle Options

  • Bolt together sections for easy delivery and assembly.

Lengths up to 150'

Belt Widths up to 60"


Pit Portable Stacker

Engineered for portability, the pit portable stacker allows for quick and easy transport around your pit.

Lengths up to 70'

Belt Widths up to 60"

3-pack stacker.jpg

3-Pack Stacker

Our industry leading 3-pack stacker allows our customer to have three heavy duty portable stacking conveyors in one setup. 

Lengths up to 70'

Belt Widths up to 60"


We are known for not cutting corners on our stacker designs. At Straight Line we pride ourselves in manufacturing heavy duty conveyors that will last the customers a lifetime and save them money in the long run.

We are always looking to expand our horizons so give us a call and we can design what you are looking for.

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